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Bride Questions & Answers

It's often said the music and the food will make or break a wedding reception.

You might not want your cousins group, that has played a few times at the local bar, for your reception. You need a band that can please the bride and groom, (age of most are in mid 20's ), their friends, parents, grandparents, and everyone in-between. The band must have a huge song list. Most guest at the reception will not want original songs that no one has ever heard except the band.

As more bands attempt to flood the market to take advantage of the money involved, it's more imperative than ever to do your homework and be wary. Performing at weddings is an art that takes time and experience to perfect.

It's vastly different than performing at night clubs, bars or casinos. Experience is vital. Longevity equals success. There is a good reason that some bands have been popular for a long time.

Some important questions to ask prospective bands:

How long have you been together?

Will I get the same band I saw live or on the video at my reception or will some members be different?

(some bands book the gig with a core group, then find the rest of the musicians to fill the date)

How many weddings have you done with this band?

Do you have references?

Have you performed at my venue in this band?

Is your song list up to date and accurate?

Will you be finished setting up before my guest arrive?

How much music do you really play, or do you play along with computer, or tracks.?

(Stormy is 100% live, all the time.)

How will your band dress for my reception?

(Stormy = tux, unless you request something else)

More advice:

Be wary of bands that pop up out of previous bands and say we used to be part of "insert previous successful band here" but now we have started our own band. Often they are just copies of the original band with a much smaller song list and very little experience and business acumen.

If music is important to you, your venue needs to be band and sound friendly. A HUGE room that will hold 300 guest, is great if you have 300 guest. If you will have 150 guest, think again or you will see a party that might never happen. Don't over-buy the space. Bigger is not better for a fun reception.

Please don't put the band far away from the dance floor. We need to communicate and work the crowd. If a Stage is available, don't use it for the cake and set the band up in the corner or the room away from the action. The band needs to interact with your guests.

High ceilings, marble, glass and mirrors, will make the band LOUD. In certain venues, even an acoustic duo will be loud. It's not always the bands fault for volume. Lower ceilings, wood floors, drapes & carpet are great to absorb sound. You might not want to reserve the tables for the grandparents, right next to the bands sound system.

The band was GREAT and the food was delicious. What a great wedding!

Hearing this from your guest will make the search for the perfect wedding band worth the effort.

Stormy has had the same band members for over 5 years and plays 50 to 60 receptions each year. We can also provide specialty music as needed for Jewish or Italian receptions etc.

Make this part of the wedding planing easy and hire Stormy, the brass with class!

Mike Noto - 225 272 2226

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