STORMY: The Ultimate Sound Sensation Across the South! Imagine a band so diverse that it embodies the spirit of the ultimate musical journey. With an expansive song repertoire ranging from the groovy ’40s to the electric ’90s, we cater to every musical appetite. Our tunes stretch across genres — from Top 40 hits to the soulful strums of country, the gritty essence of rock, the heartfelt depths of soul, funk, R&B, and the classic charm of big band music.

Featuring a dynamo female lead vocalist, backed by a robust rhythm section and a vibrant three-piece horn ensemble, STORMY offers an auditory experience like no other. And with each band member lending their vocal talents, the night is a carousel of rich, varied soundscapes — you’ll never tire of hearing the same voice.

While STORMY’s roots are firmly planted in Baton Rouge, our music knows no bounds. We’ve brought our electrifying performances to Texas, Alabama, Florida, the bright lights of Las Vegas, the bustling streets of New York, the scenic landscapes of Colorado and Mississippi, along with every corner of Louisiana.

Our passion for performance shines through at corporate events, conventions, balls, clubs, proms, private and company parties — anywhere that calls for a celebration. We’ve shared stages and backed legends like The Platters, Percy Sledge, G G Shin, Luther Kent, Neal McCoy, Otis Day, Jean Knight, John Fred, KC, Patti LaBelle, and the Pointer Sisters, among many.

With STORMY, it’s not just a performance; it’s a party where everyone’s invited to join in the fun. Our goal transcends the music; we want to ignite enjoyment that matches our own. Get ready to dance, sing, and lose yourself in the music. We’re STORMY, and we’re here to play the soundtrack of your best memories!”

Stormy (the band)
Responds quickly to client requests
One of the most outstanding GigMasters members for 2017!